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Harry Potter proved he had exceptional talent for Quidditch

1991 was a notable year in the wizarding world. Harry Potter finally found out he was a wizard and went back to the wizarding world to start Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Tom Riddle also stepped out of the shadows for the first time in ten years, and possessed Professor Quirrell in an effort to take the Philosopher's Stone.




  • Monday 23 July: In the summer holidays, Harry stayed at Arabella Figg's house while Petunia took Dudley to buy a new school uniform. Petunia cried and Vernon was proud.[4]
  • Wednesday 25 July: Another acceptance letter arrived to the new address, "The Smallest Bedroom". Harry, Dudley and Vernon fight each other for it. Vernon won and he destroyed it again.[4]
  • Thursday 26 July: Harry woke up at six in the morning in an effort to get to the postman on the corner of the road, but he fell over Vernon who was sleeping by the front door to get it first. Three letters arrived that day, which Vernon ripped to pieces in front of Harry. Vernon then nailed the letter box shut.[4]
  • Friday 27 July: The postman delivered twelve letters through the side of the front door and through the window downstairs. Vernon then boarded up every gap in the side of every door at 4 Privet Drive.[4]
  • Saturday 28 July: Petunia accepted the delivery of two dozen eggs in a box which were handed to her through the window. They contained twenty-four letters instead of eggs, which Petunia shredded.[4]
  • Sunday 29 July: The Dursley family were happy knowing that they don't get post on Sunday. However, around thirty letters arrived through the fireplace. Vernon decided they had to leave Privet Drive for a while in the hope the letters wouldn't follow them. They stay at the Railview Hotel.[4]


  • 31 August: Harry went into the living room, Dudley ran out the room screaming, having spent the whole of August in fear of Harry since he found out he was a wizard.[9]
    • Harry tells Vernon he needed to be at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters at King's Cross for eleven the next day. Vernon and Petunia laughed and agreed, because they had to take Dudley to the doctors anyway.[9]


Late September - early October

  • Thursday: In Flying, Neville Longbottom spiralled out of control on a broomstick and fell. Professor Hooch took him to the Hospital Wing for a broken wrist. In her absence, Draco took a Remembrall and had it thrown into the air. Professor McGonagall saw Harry catch it on a broomstick and made him the youngest Seeker in a century.[11]
    • Draco challenged Harry to take part in a duel. Ron agreed to be Harry's second and they arranged to sneak out at midnight.[11]
    • Harry and Ron were joined by Hermione and Neville when they snuck out for the midnight duel. But Draco had set them up and Filch was in the trophy room instead. They ran away and ended up on the out-of-bounds third-floor corridor and get confronted by Fluffy. Hermione saw that he was guarding a trapdoor.[11]
  • Friday: Draco was shocked to find Harry and Ron in the Great Hall because he thought they would of been caught by Filch and expelled.[12]
    • Harry was sent a new broomstick, the Nimbus 2000 and he attended training at the Quidditch pitch where Oliver Wood explained the rules of the game.[12]


  • 31 October: Hermione gave a lecture to Ron about the correct pronunciation of the Levitation Charm and she overheard him calling her a nightmare. Hermione run away in tears and didn't show up to the feast that evening.[12]
    • Professor Quirrell let a troll loose in the school and Harry and Ron have to save Hermione. They then became friends.[12]


  • Friday at the beginning of November: Harry checked out the book Quidditch Through the Ages from the Library for the match against Slytherin the next day.[13]
  • The next day: Gryffindor and Slytherin play Quidditch. Professor Quirrell cursed Harry's broomstick in an effort knock him off it. Hermione intervened and saved Harry, and he won Gryffindor the match by catching the Golden Snitch.
    • Hagrid tells Harry, Ron and Hermione at dinner that Fluffy was guarding a secret known only to Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel.[13]


  • Mid-December: Harry, Ron and Hermione begin researching for information about Nicolas Flamel but were unsuccessful. Harry, Ron, Fred, George and Percy Weasley sign up to be at Hogwarts for the holidays. Hermione goes home. The Great Hall was decorated.[14]
  • Mid-December - 24 December: Harry, Ron, Fred and George had fun over the holidays. Ron taught Harry how to play Wizard's Chess.[14]
  • 25 December: Harry woke up and found loads of gifts for him, including the Cloak of Invisibility. Harry and Ron attended a feast. Harry snuck out at night under the Invisibility Cloak and goes to the Library. He opened a screaming book and had to run away from Filch. He found the Mirror of Erised and saw the Potter family looking out at him.[14]
  • 26 December: Harry tells Ron about the mirror, but Ron saw something else. They work out it shows you want you want in your heart, and Ron tells Harry he needs to let go of the mirror but he goes back anyway.[14]
  • 27 December: Harry goes back to find the mirror again, but Dumbledore was waiting for him. He tells Harry what the mirror does and also tells him that he needs to let it go because it "does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live". The Mirror of Erised was later moved.[14]

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