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Care of Magical Creatures was a subject in the Harry Potter books.

It was an elective subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was an elective selected in the third-year and had to be continued until at least the fifth-year when students take O.W.L.s. It was an option for N.E.W.T level study.

The students learned about a wide variety of creatures in the wizarding world and how to treat and care for these creatures. They were usually introduced to the creatures.


Care of Magical Creatures was an elective chosen in the second-year to begin studying in the third-year.[2] They continue their study until their fifth-year, when they take their O.W.L.s. If they achieve a high pass grade, they have the option of studying it for their N.E.W.T.s if they want to.[3]

In September 1993, Rubeus Hagrid began teaching the subject. He taught third-years about Hippogriffs but a student was attacked by Buckbeak and he faced investigation. He began teaching students about boring but safer creatures, including the Flobberworm for a year.[4]


Third year

Fourth year

Fifth year


  • Third year: Flobberworm[8]


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  • Fred and George Weasley purportedly saved a Salamander in Care of Magical Creatures during their fourth-year.[9]

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