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Dobby was a character in the Harry Potter books. He was a house-elf who served Harry Potter during the Second Wizarding War.


Early life

Dobby was the house-elf of the Malfoy family, being owned by Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy and their child, Draco Malfoy. Lucius was a former Death Eater who loved the Dark Arts and collected valuable antiques. They bullied and abused Dobby, who was forced to hurt himself if he did anything wrong, even telling him that he needed extra punishing.[1]

During the First Wizarding War, the value of a House-elf's life was lower than ever. At the height of Voldemort's power, he and the Death Eaters thought House-elves were vermin. Then when Harry Potter defeated him, the average life of a House-elf improved even though Dobby continued to be treated that way. To Dobby, Harry was a beacon of hope.[2]

Chamber of Secrets

In the summer of 1992, Dobby found out about Lucius' plan to re-open the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry using Tom Riddle's Diary. He had probably spoken about it in Dobby's company and thought that a house-elf would never interfere in the commands and will of their owner. However, Dobby was not an ordinary house-elf and he wanted to stop him from hurting Harry Potter because he was too important. He began intercepting Harry's correspondence to get him to think that no-one at Hogwarts cared about him.[1]

Dobby speaking to Harry

He tracked Harry down to 4 Privet Drive and he saw Dobby hiding in the garden. Dudley Dursley interrupted them and Dobby went to Harry's bedroom to wait for him. It was the evening of a very important business dinner for Vernon Dursley and Harry had to pretend he didn't exist.[3] Harry eventually joined him and Dobby told him it was an honour to meet him. He asked Dobby to take a seat, and he began wailing at the fact that Harry had courtesy towards him and had treated him like an equal.[1]

Harry asked Dobby to keep it down, because the Dursleys would hear him. Harry thought that Dobby didn't know decent wizards and Dobby agreed, to which he began banging his head against the window and woke Hedwig up. Dobby explained he had to be punished, because he had nearly spoken ill of the family he served. He then explained to Harry why he was there: he does not want Harry to go back to Hogwarts because there was a plot that year that would put him in danger.[1]

He implied that it was not Voldemort's plan but that of another Dark wizard. Knowing he had spoken ill of Lucius, he began hitting himself in the head. Vernon heard it, and Harry put Dobby in the wardrobe. Harry wanted to go back to the school because he had friends who needed him. Dobby pointed out that they didn't even send letters, but Harry was curious to know how Dobby knew that. Dobby confessed that he had intercepted Harry's correspondence. Harry decided he was going back to school, so Dobby began doing everything he could to stop him.[1]

Dobby run down the stairs and levitated a huge dessert that Petunia had created and then splattered it in the living room. It ruined Vernon's important dinner, because the wizarding world thought Harry did it and sent an owl, causing the guests to run away in shock. Vernon decided that Harry could not go back to school that year, and Dobby disappeared. However, he was saved by the Weasleys.[1]

In September, Dobby continued to try and keep Harry at home by blocking the wall to the school train. Harry and Ron were unable to get through, but they took the Ford Anglia to school instead. Dobby ironed his hands in punishment and when he heard that Harry managed to get to school anyway, he ruined Lucius' dinner and was given a flogging.[2]

Then, Dobby used a Bludger to hunt Harry during the first Inter-House Quidditch game of the year. He hoped Harry would be knocked down and hurt enough to have go home, but he just had a broken elbow and went to the Hospital Wing. Dobby saw Harry that evening and told him that he did everything. Harry shouted at Dobby, who was unfazed because he was threatened every day. He begged Harry to go home because if he died, the bad guys could win and house-elves would lose their chance at a better future.[2]

In May, Lucius took Dobby to Hogwarts to berate Professor Dumbledore for going back when he was suspended. Harry was in Dumbledore's office and finally saw who Dobby worked for. Dumbledore informed Lucius he was reinstated by the Board of Governors because of what happened to Ginny when he was absent. Dobby was in the background pointing to Lucius and the Diary so that Harry could connect Lucius to opening the Chamber of Secrets. Dumbledore and Harry implied they knew he was responsible, causing Lucius to give up and leave.[4]

Harry chased Lucius who was hurting Dobby in a corridor. He gave Lucius the Diary back but it had a sock on it. Lucius knocked the sock off and Dobby caught it, causing Dobby to be a free elf. Dobby was very grateful, but Lucius was upset and lunged at Harry so Dobby used magic to throw Lucius down the stairs. He shouted at Lucius to go, and then thanked Harry. He asked Dobby to promise to never try and save him again. He gave Harry a hug and disapparated.[4]

Triwizard Tournament

Order of the Phoenix

Half-Blood Prince

Deathly Hallows


Dobby had two huge, green eyes that size of tennis balls, large, bat-like ears and a long, thin nose.[3] He had a toothy smile.[4]


Dobby had a high-pitched voice.[3][1]

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