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Errol was a character in the Harry Potter books. He was a great grey owl and one of the Weasley family's pets.


Chamber of Secrets

Errol in 1992

By the summer of 1992, he was owned by the Weasley family. In old age, he was proving to be very unhelpful. He would lose consciousness and collapsed during long deliveries.[2]

In August, Ron thought that Errol was at fault when he sent letters to Harry that summer and he didn't get anything back, thinking that Errol had failed to deliver them. However, it was in fact Dobby's fault.[2]

Ron sent a letter to Hermione Granger through Errol to tell her he was going to get Harry, but it took seven days for him to get back and give her letter to Ron. He fainted in a chair at The Burrow, and Percy Weasley nearly sat on him. Hermione told Ron to use another owl next time, because she was worried Errol wouldn't be able to take another delivery.[3]

In September, Mrs Weasley used Errol to send Ron a Howler. Errol collapsed in the Great Hall and landed in Hermione's milk. Ron picked Errol up, who was slumped on the table unconscious, and saw the Howler.[4]


In July 1993, Ron sent Harry a card and Pocket Sneakoscope. Errol collapsed on the way, and had to be carried by Hedwig and Rubeus Hagrid's owl. Harry picked Errol up and he was put in Hedwig's cage. He opened an eye, hooted to say thank you and began drinking water.[5]


  • Ronald Weasley called Errol a "bloody bird," "ruddy bird," and a "menace."

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