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"Just so you know, he's a bloody coward."
Rubeus Hagrid[src]

Fang was a character in the Harry Potter books. He was a large boardhound, and Rubeus Hagrid's pet. He lived in Hagrid's Hut and was a constant companion for Hagrid. Fang was a very friendly dog[1], however he could be a coward.[2]


Fang was adopted by Rubeus Hagrid. He was usually seen by students next to Hagrid striding around the school grounds.[3]



In September 1991, Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley were first introduced to him at Hagrid's Hut. They thought he was very friendly, even though he didn't look like it.[1] In spring 1992, Norberta hurt Fang and he had a bandaged tail. Hagrid kept him outside of the Hut to keep him safe until she left.[4] Later, Hagrid and Fang took Harry, Hermione, Neville and Draco into the Forbidden Forest to serve their detention searching for a missing unicorn. Draco demanded that Fang join him because he thought it was dangerous to search the Forest and Fang would protect him, but Hagrid told him that Fang was a coward.[2]


In April 1993, Fang was upset when Hagrid was taken by Cornelius Fudge to Azkaban. He began howling and banging at the door of the Hut. Harry and Ron had saw what had happened too and Hagrid had shouted that someone will have to feed Fang every day.[3] Harry and Ron took Fang under their care.[5] In May, Harry and Ron took Fang into the Forbidden Forest for company when following spiders. Hagrid had shouted it will lead to answers about the Chamber of Secrets. Fang was happy to be going for a walk but the spiders led to a colony of Acromantulas. The colony heard them walking and an Acromantula each picked them up and took them to Aragog, causing Fang to howl and whimper.[5]

Fang was put in front of Aragog, causing him to cower in silence. Eventually, Aragog gave the colony permission to eat them and Harry and Ron began fighting back. A feral Ford Anglia showed up and saved them and Ron had to pick Fang up and throw him in the back. Fang yelped and panicked being in the back of a speeding car, he howled and banged at the window to try and escape. Eventually the door opened and Fang run towards Hagrid's Hut. Harry found him trembling under a blanket.[5]

Hagrid was let out of Azkaban in the summer, and they lived at the Hut again.[6] By December, Buckbeak was living in the Hut too. Fang tried to comfort Hagrid when he was crying about Buckbeak being investigated for attacking a student.[7]


Fang was a very large black boarbound.[1] He had long teeth.[2]

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