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The Ford Anglia was a car in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The car was a light-blue Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe that Arthur Weasley illegally enchanted. It could fly and turn invisible. Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley once took it, crashing the car into the Whomping Willow. It turned feral, living in the Forbidden Forest.


The Ford Anglia was an old turquoise car. It had a compass.[1] Prior to the summer of 1992, Arthur Weasley put a few enchantments on the car. He put an unknown enchantment that enabled it to fly. Then he put an Invisibility Booster that enabled it to turn invisible at the push of a button. Finally, he put the Undetectable Extension Charm to expand its space enough for at least 8 people, 6 trunks, 2 owls and 1 rat. The back seat was around the length of a bench.[2]

Arthur had purposely put a loophole in an artefact law that enabled him to enchant the car legally if he was not intending to use it.[1]


Harry, Ron, Fred and George in 1992

In July 1992, Fred, George and Ronald Weasley took the car and drove it to 4 Privet Drive. They wanted to know why Harry had not sent any letters to them. Harry was shocked to find them in a car, mid-air at the bedroom window. Fred used the car to pull bars off Harry's window. They put luggage in the car, forgetting Hedwig who started shrieking. Vernon woke up and saw Harry escaping.[1]

Harry was worried they were going to get into trouble for taking the car when they were under-age. They explained that they couldn't because they had not put the spell on the car, and no-one would know.[1] However, they were caught by Molly Weasley. At that point, she had no idea the car was enchanted, because she shouted at Arthur for enchanting it. He pointed out the law had a loophole in which you could legally enchant Muggle objects if you don't use it.[3]

Harry and Ron flying to school

In September, the family and Harry took the car to King's Cross to get the train to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Molly did not know Arthur had enchanted the car to expand the space inside, only knowing that it could fly. She thought it was good how the Muggles knew a thing or two about expanding space.[2]

At King's Cross, Dobby blocked the entrance to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters to stop Harry getting to Hogwarts. Harry and Ron took the car to fly to school instead. However, upon takeoff, the car's Invisibility Booster malfunctioned and a few Muggles saw the car flying. It was reported in newspapers. They were successful at driving it to Hogwarts, but it run out of power and dropped. Ron avoided hitting the school by swerving but crashed into the Whomping Willow.[2]


The car however had a life of its own, and escaped the tree on its own. It sped towards the Forbidden Forest where it ejected Harry, Ron and their luggage and drove into the Forest.[2] In May 1993, Harry, Ron and Fang were in Aragog's colony. The car was still in the Forest, and showed up to help the group escape. They were dropped at the school, and the car headed back into the Forbidden Forest.[4]

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