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George Weasley was a character in Harry Potter books.

He was one of seven children born to Arthur and Molly Weasley. He had a twin brother, Fred Weasley. He was known for being a born prankster and inventor. He was a friend of Harry Potter, part of Dumbledore's Army and the Order of the Phoenix in the Second Wizarding War and fought in key battles. He co-founded Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. He commentated Potterwatch and fought at the Battle of Hogwarts.


Early life

George was the fifth child of Arthur and Molly Weasley and the younger twin brother of Fred Weasley. They were born on April's Fools Day in 1978 and they both had three elder brothers, Bill, Charlie and Percy Weasley, and a younger brother and sister, Ron and Ginny Weasley. They were raised at The Burrow in Devon and home-schooled by Molly. They were not a wealthy family, but they did have a very loving household.

In September 1989, George and Fred started Hogwarts. They gained a reputation for rule-breaking and pulling pranks. Arthur and Molly Weasley were sent lots of letters over the next few years because they kept getting into trouble.[2] Fred and George kept wandering into the Forbidden Forest, and Rubeus Hagrid had to keep chasing them away.[3]

In their first-year, Fred and George found the passageway behind the statue of Gregory the Smarmy. They were both Beaters in the House Quidditch team in their second-year onwards.[4]

Philosopher's Stone

In September 1991, George and Fred were at King's Cross heading to board the Hogwarts Express. Fred pretended to be George and when he went through the barrier, he asked George to hurry up and go next. Harry Potter watched them in wonder because he had no idea how they managed to run through the wall.[5]

Later, George told Fred to help him put Harry's trunks in one of the compartments and they recognised who Harry was. Fred and George helped put Harry's trunks on the train and worked out who he was. They agreed to stay out of trouble and look out for Ron. They wanted to ask Harry what Voldemort looked like, but he was shouted at by Molly not to. They found Harry and Ron's compartment on the way, telling Ron their friend, Lee Jordan, had a pet spider and wondered whether Ron would want to see it, but Ron didn't want to.[5]

Ron tried out a spell that afternoon on the train which George gave him, but it didn't work. Ron thought that George probably knew it wouldn't.[5] At the Start-of-Term Feast, Fred and George sung the tune of the school song in a slow funeral march and continued singing when the other students had stopped. Then at the end of the feast when Dumbledore gave a speech, he glanced at George and Fred when he was explaning that the Forbidden Forest was out-of-bounds and that the older students should know that.[6]

Harry joined Fred and George in the House Quidditch team that year.[4] In their first game, he and George sent Bludgers at the Slytherin players, and then when Harry's broomstick was jinxed and kept trying to throw him, Fred and George attempted to get hold of him and when he was hanging from the broom, they flew underneath him hoping to catch him if he fell.[7]

In December, Fred and George bewitched snowballs to bounce off Professor Quirrell's head, not knowing it was hitting Voldemort's face. During the holidays, George and Fred demanded Percy leave the Prefects and spent the day with them because it was "a time for family". That evening, they took Percy's badge and he chased them around the room to get it back.[8]

Chamber of Secrets

In the summer of 1992, George, Fred and Ron and went to Harry's house to find out why he had not sent letters to Ron and had an official government warning. They drove in Arthur's Ford Anglia. They used the car's power to rip bars off the window. Harry then sent Fred and George to open the Cupboard under the Stairs using a pin, to get things Vernon Dursley had locked up.[9]

ernon woke up and found Harry escaping in the car. Fred, George and Ron had to pull Harry into the car when Vernon grabbed Harry's ankle. Fred then drove him to The Burrow. Harry was worried that they'd get into trouble for helping him but they explained that no-one would know. Harry told them about Dobby and the warning he gave him, and George helped explain to Harry about house-elves.[9]

At The Burrow, Mrs Weasley had found out that they had taken the car and they had to spend the afternoon de-gnoming the garden.[9] For part of the summer, Fred, George, Ron and Harry took turns riding the Nimbus 2000 in their mini Quidditch tournaments. During their shopping trip to Diagon Alley, Fred and George saw their friend, Lee Jordan, and they went to Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop to stock up on pranks for school. He saw Arthur's fight in Flourish and Blotts when Lucius insulted him.[10]

In September, the family were running late for the train to Hogwarts and George needed to go back to The Burrow for a prank. Arthur had to turn the car around for the first time to get it. Later that evening, George and Fred applauded Ron and Harry for taking the Ford Anglia to get to school and asked Ron why he didn't call them back to join him.[11]

In September, George was woken up very early the first Saturday by Oliver Wood who had a new Quidditch training programme. George was half-sleeping when Oliver was telling him about the programme. George asked him why he didn't tell everyone about it yesterday when they were awake. They went out to train and saw Colin Creevey taking photographs. Oliver thought he was a Slytherin spy, however George then saw that Slytherin were there in person.[12]

The Slytherins had booked the pitch to train their new Seeker Draco, whose father had given the whole team Nimbus 2001s. He insulted the Cleansweep 5's that Fred and George had and then called Hermione a "Mudblood". Fred and George were angry and jumped at Draco but Marcus Flint body-blocked Draco.[12] Oliver had Fred and George spy on the Slytherins and they saw that their new Nimbus 2001s were that fast that they were a blur. During Care of Magical Creatures, Fred and George "saved" a Salamander and then caused it to spin round in the air. Percy was very angry and bellowed at Fred and George for ages.[13]

In the first game of the year against Slytherin, George was the first to notice that Harry was being hunted by a rogue Bludger. George and Fred spent the first half of the game trying to protect him, and couldn't protect their Chasers. Slytherin took the lead. They had to call for a break in order to tell Oliver that the Bludger was faulty, but Harry was determined to continue and asked Fred and George to stop protecting him because he needed space to get the Golden Snitch.[14]

Everyone thought it was wrong to stop protecting Harry, and George thought Oliver was at fault if Harry was hurt or killed trying to get the Snitch. Harry eventually won the game by catching the Golden Snitch but he broke an elbow doing so. George saw Harry at the Hospital Wing and that he saw Draco getting shouted at by Flint. George and the team bought cakes to eat round Harry's bed but Madam Pomfrey told them they had to go.[14]

When Fred and George saw that Ginny was upset about Creevey being Petrified, they thought it would cheer her up if they dressed up in fur and jumped at her behind statues to scare her. It frightened her, and Percy was angry enough to say he'd send a letter home if didn't stop.[15]

In December, he and Fred found it very funny when the whole school was scared of Harry because they thought he was the Heir of Slytherin. They marched in front of Harry in the corridors, telling everyone a Dark wizard was going through. Percy thought it was wrong and it upset Ginny, but Harry was happy they acted different. George stayed at Hogwarts for the holidays instead of going to spend it at Bill's. He and Fred enchanted Percy's Prefect badge to say "Pinhead".[16]

In April, George thought Percy looked pale and shocked because a fellow Prefect was Petrified, and that Percy thought the Basilisk wouldn't dare hurt a Prefect.[17] One evening, Fred and George challenged Harry and Ron to play Exploding Snap and they stayed up playing way past midnight. They didn't know Harry and Ron kept losing on purpose because they wanted to sneak into the Forbidden Forest.[18]

In May, Fred and George sat in the common room in silence when Ginny was taken into the Chamber of Secrets and locked up. They eventually went to bed very early.[19] In June, Ginny told her brothers and Harry that she saw Percy kissing Penelope. Fred dropped books on George's head in shock and even though they promised they wouldn't say anything, Harry could tell they would.[20]

Triwizard Tournament

Order of the Phoenix

Half-Blood Prince

Deathly Hallows



  • Even though he and Fred were pranksters, they still managed to get good marks for their school work.[21]
  • Mrs Weasley made George a blue jumper each every year for the holidays that had the letter G in embroidery.[8]

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