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Grunnings was the Muggle drill company where Vernon Dursley worked. The company produced drills.[1]


The company produced drills. Vernon Dursley was an executive and he had an office on the ninth floor.[2] It gave their employees company cars.[3]


In the autumn of 1981, many of the people who worked at the company noticed the many owls flying the whole day over the building in celebration of Voldemort's defeat. Vernon never noticed because he worked in an office on the ninth floor. He phoned loads of people and shouted at five people that day. The company had their own car park and there was a bakery across the road.[2]

He went to the bakery for lunch and then went back to the office worried about what he heard people in cloaks saying in the bakery about the Potter family. He snapped at the secretary and dialled home in order to ask Petunia what her nephew's name was, but then decided not to. He left work at five and bumped into an old man in a violet cloak outside, who again mentioned the wizarding world.[2]

In the summer of 1993, Vernon was given a new company car.[3]


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