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The Headteacher was the chief administrator of a school who made the major and final decisions for the day-to-day function of the school. They have the power to determine and overrule any other decision made by any other authority unless they have a Board of Governors. They also had the power to appoint any new staff. In the case of a wizarding school, they also upheld any protective enchantments and grant access for anyone arriving or leaving the school.


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Dilys Derwent was Headteacher around the time of the 18th century. She was once a Healer for St. Mungo's Hospital and along with Everand, was one of the two more celebrated Headteachers than any other. She had a portrait in both the school and St. Mungo's.

Armando Dippet was Headteacher by the time the Chamber of Secrets was opened by Tom Riddle in the 1942-1943 school year, and one girl, Myrtle Warren was killed. He denied that Tom was to blame and instead awarded him the Special Award for Services to the School when he pinned Rubeus Hagrid for the crime.

Albus Dumbledore succeeded Dippet and was Headteacher during the First Wizarding War, and founding the Order of the Phoenix. He was a powerful and well-known wizard who taught Harry Potter and guided him to victory in the Second Wizarding War. He was killed during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower in June 1997, but he was later found to be the one who organised that death.

Dumbledore was sacked on two occasions but later given the role of Headteacher again. When the Chamber of Secrets was opened a second time, Lucius Malfoy "persuaded" the Board of Governors to sack him for incompetency when he was unable to find and stop the culprit. Minerva McGonagall was Acting Head for May 1993 until the truth was found out. Then, Dumbledore was sacked again by Cornelius Fudge when he found out about Dumbledore's Army and thought Dumbledore wanted to take power from him, and that he was lying about Voldemort being back from the dead. Fudge was wrong but Dumbledore claimed he had in fact, started the organisation.

Dolores Umbridge took over from Dumbledore in that time from April to June 1996. She was unpopular with both students and staff, strict and would not teach proper Defence Against the Dark Arts because she only thought students needed to learn the basics from books. Eventually, she was tricked by Dumbledore's Army and taken to their supposed "secret weapon" only to be dragged away by centaurs. Dumbledore was later proven to be telling the truth about Voldemort and given the job back.

When Dumbledore died, McGonagall was Acting Head again until Voldemort and the Death Eaters took over the Ministry of Magic in August 1997 and instated Severus Snape Headteacher. The Death Eaters controlled the school until the Battle of Hogwarts in May 1998. Snape was sacked and McGonagall took over, eventually succeeding properly when Harry Potter won the Second Wizarding War.

McGonagall was Headteacher from May 1998 until she left office in the time between 2008 and 2014. She was succeeded by an unknown Headteacher.

Known Headteachers

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Name Term Notes
Phyllida Spore 15th century
Everand ?
Dilys Derwent
Eupraxia Mole
Dexter Fortescue
Phineas Nigellus Black
Armando Dippet ? - between 1965 and 1971
Albus Dumbledore bt. 1965 and 1971 - June 1997 Dumbledore was mainly the Headteacher during this time except for two occasions. In May 1993, he was sacked for incompetency by the Board of Governors when the Chamber of Secrets was opened (the Board "persuaded" by Lucius Malfoy). Then from April to June 1996, Cornelius Fudge sacked him for what he thought to be Dumbledore looking to take power from him.
Minerva McGonagall May 1993 Acting Head during the time the Chamber of Secrets was opened and the Board of Governors sacked Dumbledore for incompetency until the truth was found out.
Dolores Umbridge April 1996 - June 1996 Dumbledore was sacked by Cornelius Fudge who blamed him for the founding of Dumbledore's Army, and for making up stories about Voldemort being back from the dead. Umbridge took over for a couple of months but she was unpopular among both students and staff. Eventually she was tricked by students and carried off by centaurs, and Dumbledore was again given the role of Headteacher when he was proven to be telling the truth.
Severus Snape 1997 - 1998
Minerva McGonagall 1998 - between 2008 and 2014
Minerva McGonagall's successor between 2008 and 2014 - ?

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Name Term Notes
Isolt Sayre 17th century Both one of the founders of Ilvermorny.
James Steward
Agilbert Fontaine by 2016 - ?

Beaubaxtons Academy of Magic

Name Term Notes
Olympe Maxime by 1994 - ?

Durmstrang Institute

Name Term Notes
Igor Karkaroff by 1994 - 1995 The Headteacher of Durmstrang during the Triwizard Tournament, the ex-Death Eater fled when he found out that Voldemort was back in June 1995. He was later killed.


Name Term Notes
Benedita Dourado By the early 20th century - ? Headteacher of Castelobruxo when Armando Dippet was Headteacher of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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