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Little Hangleton is a small village in Yorkshire, not far from Greater Hangleton. It was home to the Riddle House, once owned by the prominent Muggle family of the same name, and to the Gaunt family who lived just outside the village.


The Riddle Murders

In 1944, Tom Riddle found out that Tom Riddle Snr. lived at the Riddle House in Little Hangleton. He found the house and murdered Tom and his parents Thomas and Mary Riddle in the drawing room at dinner time. They were found by the maid the next day on a fine summer morning. They were very unpopular in the village.

The villagers gathered at the pub the Hanged Man to talk about how and why they died. It appeared to the non-magic world very strange that the three just died. They were shocked when the chef who worked for the Riddle family arrived and told them that their gardner, Frank Bryce was arrested. By the next morning, no-one doubted that Frank was indeed the murder having determined how he achieved killing them and how "odd" they found him.

They were shocked again when Frank returned from Greater Hangleton to live at the cottage near the Riddle House, while the family were buried in the Little Hangleton graveyard. The villagers were unhappy that he would be staying and continued to think he was the murderer. He tended to the garden for the next family who lived there, and then the next but they would both leave and the house would begin to fall apart in the many years that followed.

Frank Bryce's murder

By August 1994, the villagers of Little Hangleton thought the once grand Riddle House was now "creepy" and continued to refer to it by that name even though the Riddle family had died many years ago.

Inhabitants of Little Hangleton

  • Frank Bryce - Gardner of the Riddle House by August 1944 who resided at the nearby cottage until he died in August 1994. He was thought to be the unproved murderer of Thomas, Mary and Tom Riddle and was later murdered in the house.
  • Thomas Riddle - Owner of the Riddle House from at least 1926 until 1944.
  • Mary Riddle - Wife of Thomas who lived at the house for at least the same amount of time.
  • Dot - villager who thought Frank Bryce was the true
  • Riddle family's chef
  • Hanged Man Woman
  • Hanged Man Owner
  • Owners of Riddle House

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