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Little Whinging was the name of the Muggle town in Surrey that Vernon and Petunia Dursley, Dudley Dursley, Harry Potter and Arabella Figg lived.


The location was a perfect, normal place for Vernon and Petunia Dursley to purchase a home in Privet Drive. The other known roads in Little Whinging are Wisteria Walk and Magnolia Road.[1]

Little Whinging was the location of many events in the wizarding world. In 1981, Albus Dumbledore dropped Harry Potter off at Vernon and Petunia's home.[2] Then in the summer of 1995, two Dementors found and hurt Harry and Dudley Dursley in Little Whinging.[3] That same summer, members of the Order of the Phoenix picked Harry up from Little Whinging.[4] In the summer of 1997, the Battle of the Seven Potters began in Little Whinging.[5]

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