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The Ministry of Magic was the primary governing body of the wizarding community in Britain, headed by an elected Minister for Magic. Their purpose was to found and uphold wizarding laws.



The Ministry of Magic had their Minister for Magic communicate certain knowledge to the Muggle Prime Minister.[1][2]

The Ministry had personal cars enchanted to get through small spaces, which they would send to collect people. They were old-fashioned and dark green, and drove by a driver who wore emerald velvet.[3]

Known departments

Department Offices
Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Improper Use of Magic Office
Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office
Magical Law Enforcement Squad
Committee on Experimental Charms
Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Accidental Magic Reversal Squad

Known wizarding laws

Law Notes
Artefect law
illegal to enchant an object if the intention was to use it.[4]
Dragon breeding was banned.
since the Warlocks' Convention of 1709.[5]
Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage sorcery[6]
illegal for those under the age of 17 to use magic outside of school[7]
International Statute of Secrecy[5][6]
kept the wizarding world secret from the Muggle world
Muggle Protection Act
further protection from Dark artefacts[8], it was later scrapped[9]
Time-travel laws
you cannot change the past.[10]



In an unknown time, the Ministry of Magic established a wizarding prison called Azkaban. In an effort to control Dementors, it was decided by the government to employ Dementors like guards. It was achieved by providing a food source - prisoners - because in their eyes, criminals deserved to be so punished. It was a popular choice, but a few were wary and considered Dementors too harsh and fickle.[1]

The Ministry had to uphold the International Statute of Secrecy. It was very hard for the Ministry of Magic to hide dragons from the Muggle world, especially the Common Welsh Green and Hebridean Black.[5]

In June 1943, the Ministry of Magic was going to close down Hogwarts School unless whoever was responsible for opening the Chamber of Secrets was caught.[11] In April 1993, it was close to closing down again. Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge was pressured to do something and he took Rubeus Hagrid to Azkaban. In June, it was a certain to be closed, but Harry Potter finally located it and saved the school.[12]

In July, Sirius Black escaped Azkaban and caused a panic in the wizarding world. Dementors were sent by the Ministry to hunt for Black. Fudge informed the Muggle Prime Minister and had to defend doing so because he was criticised by the International Confederation of Wizards.[1] At the end of August, he still wasn't found and the Ministry pulled every department into helping instead of doing their usual job.[13]

In September, they sent cars to collect Harry, Hermione Granger and the Weasley family and take them to King's Cross for Harry's safety.[13][3] They persuaded Professor Dumbledore to grant permission for Dementors to patrol Hogwarts School and Hogsmeade until Black was found.[3] They gave a warning to people in Hogsmeade to complete their shopping before sundown because Dementors would be patrolling, and gave signs to establishments including Honeydukes.[14] They investigated when Lucius lodged a complaint about Rubeus Hagrid teaching at Hogwarts School because Draco was attacked by Buckbeak.[15]


Known Ministers for Magic

Name Time period Notes
Artemis Lufkin
Grogan Stump
Faris Spavin
Nobby Leach
Millicent Bagnold
Cornelius Fudge
1990 - 1996


Name Time period Notes

Other personnel

Name Time period Notes
Mafalda Hopkirk 
in or prior to 1992 - ? 
Improper Use of Magic Office[6] 
Arthur Weasley 
 prior to 1992 - ?
Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office[4]

Notes and sources