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Pigwidgeon was an owl adopted by Ron Weasley when he lost Scabbers.


In June 1994, Sirius Black had gone back into hiding and found an eager owl (in an unknown place) who was willing to deliver a letter to Harry Potter. Pigwidgeon found Harry when he was travelling on a train home for Hogwarts' summer holidays. He was so proud of successfully delivering a letter, he flew around the compartment to Hedwig's disapproval. Ron Weasley saw Crookshanks looking at Pigwidgeon, and held him in case he tried to eat the owl.[1]

Pigwidgeon affectionally nibbled Ron's finger. Sirius suggested Ron keep Pigwidgeon, because Scabbers was gone. Ron decided to keep Pig, once Crookshanks checked he wasn't an Animagus and could be trusted.[1]


Pigwidgeon was a very tiny and fluffy grey owl.[1]

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