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Privet Drive was the name of a road in Little Whinging in the county of Surrey in England. The houses looked perfectly boxy and each had a garden at the front and back. It was the home of the Dursley family who lived in 4 Privet Drive, and it had a milkman and postal delivery service.

It was near Magnolia Crescent.[2]



Before the end of 1981, Vernon and Petunia Dursley purchased 4 Privet Drive, and raised their child, Dudley Dursley there. In November, Harry Potter went to live at Privet Drive when James and Lily Potter died. Albus Dumbledore used the Deluminator to switch the lights off, Minerva McGonagall watched the road in Animagus form for the day, and Rubeus Hagrid arrived by a flying motorcycle with Harry.[3]

For the next 16 years, the road was party to many magical events. In July 1991, owls arrived at the house in an effort to give Harry an acceptance letter. The milkman of the road was also confused by the fact the eggs had half a dozen letters in them instead, and the next day the postman had to put letters through the corners of the windows and door when Vernon blocked the front door.[4]

The next summer in 1992, Dobby the House-elf made Vernon put bars on Harry's window. That evening, Ronald Weasley, Fred Weasley and George Weasley flew their father's flying Ford Anglia car to save him. Fortunately, the neighbours of Privet Drive never noticed.[5] Then in the summer of 1993, Harry inflated Marge Dursley and she flew down the road, which none of the neighbours noticed.[6]

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