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Susan Bones was a half-blood witch and a member of Dumbledore's Army. Susan attended Hogwarts in Hufflepuff House and was a member of the prominent and powerful Bones family who were targeted by Voldemort. She fought bravely at the Battle of Hogwarts and survived.


Early life

Susan Bones was a member of the prominent and powerful Bones family and because of that, their were hunted by Death Eaters during the First Wizarding War. Many of her family members were killed. Susan was born between 1 September 1979 and 31 August 1980, and the First Wizarding War ended when she was around one year old. Her name was probably taken from her aunt Amelia, whose middle name was also Susan.[3]


Susan began her education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in September 1991. Her name was the second to be called during the Sorting ceremony and the Sorting Hat sorted her into Hufflepuff. She then took a seat at the Hufflepuff table next to Hannah Abbott.[1]

Later life



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